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Who Are We?

A Sad Day for Humanity

  • DECATUR, GA: Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., D.B.A, a founding member of the Diversity Collegium and The American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc., has died suddenly on May 17, 2013. Read More

  • A Tribute to Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. (May 24, 1944 – May 17, 2013) by Price M. Cobbs, M.D. for the Diversity Collegium. Read More


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Community Engage in meaningful discussion around Diversity Management

Are You Practicing These Ten Inclusionist Leadership Behaviors?

By Simma Lieberman

You may be this year’s leadership award winner, but you can be next year’s Number One on the unemployment line, if you don’t understand, or know how to be an inclusionist leader.I’m often asked the following question by executives, who understand that inclusionist leadership, is more than just diversity training. “What can I do to be a more inclusive leader, so I can leverage the Read More

Diversity Trends in the Workplace: Time to Start Paying Attention

By Catherine Foss

Whether hiring managers want to acknowledge it or not, diversity in the workplace is a pivotal issue when it comes to creating a healthy, thriving workplace—a task that requires equal cooperation by employee and employer.And many groups are stepping up to the challenge by helping both employers and employees to create an inclusive work environment. Holly Mendelson, of the group Insight Read More

When Anti-Discrimination Policies Aren’t Enough: How to Help LGBT Employees Help Your Organization Grow

By Simma Lieberman

Laws and policies alone are not sufficient to create an environment where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people feel included, and are able to do their best work.If LGBT people don’t feel safe, supported, and believe that they will still be given an equal chance for appreciation, responsibility and promotion; they will come to work, and work hard at hiding who they are. They will Read More

Academic Institution Challenged To Address Diversity

By M.V. Greene

American academic institutions are constantly being challenged to advance diversity principles and initiatives on their campuses – which they must do to remain relevant in a dramatically evolving society. “Institutions of higher education should not only focus our efforts on the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups of people, such as faculty and students of color, but Read More

The business of diversity and inclusion management no longer can take a backseat. For any company that identifies the relevancy and imperative need to address market sales through a diverse consumer base; must integrate the management of diversity into their business model.

Culture competence and workforce engagement create a dynamic workplace.

Cultural intelligence moves beyond the metrics and focuses on a sustainable environment; a workplace that cultivates authenticity, inclusion through technology and innovation and integrated communication. Diversity may be a noun, but at Sears Holdings, it is also an action. Embracing both workplace and marketplace diversity will insure that we delight our customers, meet the needs of our associates, collaborate with our suppliers and serve the communities where we do business. This inclusion culture drives innovation and fuels financial growth.

An alliance with Global Diversity continues to position our company as an employer of choice that seeks to hire diverse talent, promote our brands in the community and demonstrate our commitment to elevate our dialogue on diversity and inclusion matters.

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